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Nepal Bhasa: Quiz


Question 1: It is one of roughly five hundred ________, and belongs to the Tibeto-Burman branch of this family.
Sino-Tibetan languagesDravidian languagesTibeto-Burman languagesBurushaski

Question 2: It has had many centuries of contact with neighboring ________.
Indo-Aryan languagesSanskritHindiHindustani language

Question 3: It is spoken mainly by the Newars, who chiefly inhabit the towns of the ________.
Kathmandu ValleyNepalPatan, LalitpurNewa people

Question 4: The language replaced ________ as the administrative language during this period.

Question 5: With an increase in emigration, various bodies and societies of Nepal Bhasa-speaking people have emerged in countries like the US, the UK and ________.

Question 6: which is a description of ________, and the use of a tiger skin as a seat for Shiva.

Question 7: The continued primacy of the language over 30 years made Khas or Nepali language the ________ as well.
Lingua francaMalaysiaTurkeyAzerbaijan

Question 8: Nepal Bhasa (नेपाल भाषा, also known as Newah Bhaye and Newari) is one of the major languages of ________.

Question 9: In India: ________, West Bengal[2]
Arunachal PradeshGangtokGoaSikkim

Question 10: Statement sentence-
This language is a SOV (________) language.
Word orderAgglutinative languageSubject Object VerbSubject Verb Object


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