Neoproterozoic: Quiz

Question 1: The most severe glaciation known in the geologic record occurred during the Cryogenian, when ice sheets reached the equator and formed a possible "________".
OxygenIce ageEdiacara biotaSnowball Earth

Question 2: [1] The terminal Era of the formal Proterozoic Eon (or the informal "Precambrian"), it is further subdivided into the Tonian, Cryogenian, and ________ Periods.
Geologic time scaleEdiacaranPaleontologyEdiacara biota

Question 3: However, in 2004, the International Union of Geological Sciences ratified the ________ age to be a geological age of the Neoproterozoic, ranging from 635 to 542.0 ± 1.0 million years ago.
CambrianEdiacaranGeologic time scaleEdiacara biota

Question 4: In addition to ________, later two other types of biota were discovered in China (the so-called Doushantuo formation and Hainan formation).
Cambrian explosionGeologic time scaleKimberellaEdiacara biota

Question 5: Nineteenth century paleontologists set the start of multicelled life at the first appearance of hard-shelled animals called ________ and archeocyathids.
OrdovicianCambrian explosionTrilobiteArthropod

Question 6: These glaciations are believed to have been so severe that there were ice sheets at the equator--a state known as the "________".
OxygenSnowball EarthEdiacara biotaIce age

Question 7: Russian geologists referred to the last period of the Neoproterozoic as the Vendian, and the Chinese called it the Sinian, and most Australians and North Americans used the name ________.
EdiacaranEdiacara biotaCambrianGeologic time scale

Question 8: At the onset of the Neoproterozoic the supercontinent ________, which had assembled during the late Mesoproterozoic, straddled the equator.

Question 9: A complex fauna was found in South West ________ in the 1920s but was misdated.
Scramble for AfricaAfricaSub-Saharan AfricaAfrican Union

Question 10: Other possible early fossils were found in Russia, England, Canada, and elsewhere (see ________).
Cambrian explosionKimberellaEdiacara biotaGeologic time scale

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