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Neonatal jaundice: Quiz


Question 1: Clinical ________ appearing in the first 24 hours.

Question 2: Whereas breast feeding jaundice is a mechanical problem, breast milk ________ is more of a biochemical problem.

Question 3: This causes an accumulation of bilirubin in the blood (________), leading to the symptoms of jaundice.

Question 4: Other blood type mismatches causing ________
Rh diseaseHemolytic disease of the newbornNeonatal jaundicePneumothorax

Question 5: Severe neonatal ________ may indicate the presence of other conditions contributing to the elevated bilirubin levels, of which there are a large variety of possibilities (see below).

Question 6: The bacteria in the adult gut convert conjugated ________ to stercobilinogen which is then oxidized to stercobilin and excreted in the stool.
HemoglobinBilirubinReference ranges for blood testsHaptoglobin

Question 7: The ________ appears at the end of the first week of life and hence overlaps physiological jaundice.

Question 8: In newborns ________ is detected by blanching the skin with digital pressure so that it reveals underlying skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Question 9: Neonatal jaundice is a yellowing of the skin and other tissues of a newborn ________.
Prenatal developmentAttachment theoryPregnancyInfant

Question 10: The sign which helps to differentiate pathological jaundice of neonates from physiological ________ of neonates are presence of intrauterine retardation, stigma of intrauterine infections (e.g.

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