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Question 1: The light-emitting tubes form colored lines with which a text can be written or a picture drawn, including various decorations, especially in ________ and commercial signage.
AdvertisingBrandProduct placementAdvertising research

Question 2: While neon lighting was used around 1930 in France for general illumination, it was no more energy-efficient than conventional ________ and neon lighting came to be used primarily for eye-catching signs and advertisements.
Compact fluorescent lampIncandescent light bulbFluorescent lampFlashtube

Question 3: It is then filled to a low pressure of a few torr with one of the ________, or a mixture of them, and sometimes a small amount of mercury.
MetalHalogenPeriodic tableNoble gas

Question 4: The tube is attached to a manifold which is itself attached to a high-quality ________ pump.
VacuumOuter spaceVacuum pumpUniverse

Question 5: ________ or argon are the most common gases used; krypton, xenon, and helium are used by artists for special purposes but are not used alone in normal signs.

Question 6: Neon sign tubes are distinguished from ________ bulbs by their length, customized shapes, higher operating voltages, and range of colors.
Light-emitting diodeFlashtubeNeon lampFluorescent lamp

Question 7: They are produced by the craft of bending ________ tubing into shapes.
Borosilicate glassMACORGlassCranberry glass

Question 8: In 1923, Georges Claude and his French company Claude Neon, introduced neon gas signs to the United States, by selling two to a ________ car dealership in Los Angeles.
UltramaticPackard V-1650Studebaker-Packard CorporationPackard

Question 9: Supposedly, a sign created by Perley G. Nutting and displaying the word “neon” was shown at the ________ of 1904; however, this claim has been disputed.
Louisiana Purchase ExpositionUnited StatesSt. Louis, MissouriForest Park (St. Louis, Missouri)

Question 10: At the 1893 World's Fair, the World Columbian Exposition in ________, Illinois, Nikola Tesla's signs were displayed.
Elmhurst, IllinoisChicagoBurr Ridge, IllinoisBlue Island, Illinois


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