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Question 1: ________, another existentialist, wrote an essay describing technology as an instrumentality that reveals "truth".
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich NietzscheArthur SchopenhauerMartin Heidegger

Question 2: Gainax's own His and Her Circumstances and ________ had Evangelion parodies, as did Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi.
FLCLLe Chevalier D'EonPlease Save My EarthOtogi Zoshi (TV series)

Question 3: The story of Evangelion primarily begins in 2000 with the "Second Impact", a global cataclysm which almost completely destroyed ________ and led to the deaths of half the human population of Earth.
DesertAntarcticaAtacama DesertKalahari Desert

Question 4:

Question 5:
What network screens Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime)?
TV Tokyo, AT-X, TV Osaka
TV Tokyo, Arts Central
Tokyo MX
TV Tokyo, Animax

Question 6: The ________ is often shown, frequently represented by energy beams shooting up skyward.
Christian crossChristianityOrthodox ChurchBishop

Question 7:
What studio produced Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime)?

Question 8: The song "...." by Australian band ________ consists of Asuka repeating the words 'I don't want to die' when she is stuck in her EVA and breaks down.
Parkway DriveDownload FestivalThe BamboozleAs I Lay Dying (band)

Question 9: [97][98][99] Shows or works involving similar mixtures of religion and mecha are often compared to NGE, such as Xenogears[100] or ________.
Hilary HaagBrett WeaverGasarakiChris Patton

Question 10: [61] Examples include "Thanatos", "Oral stage", "Separation Anxiety", and "Mother Is the First Other" (the mother as the first object of a child's love is the basis of the ________).
Carl JungOedipus complexElectra complexSigmund Freud

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