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Neolithic architecture: Quiz


Question 1: Perhaps the most famous megalithic structure is Stonehenge in ________, although many others are known throughout the world.
WalesScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 2: These tombs are particularly numerous in ________, where there are many thousand still in existence.
Irish peopleWalesIrelandNorthern Ireland

Question 3: 5500 BC (of which the earliest cultural complexes include the Starčevo-Koros (Cris), ________, and Vinča).
Vinča cultureFunnelbeaker cultureLinear Pottery cultureCorded Ware culture

Question 4: The world's oldest known engineered roadway, the Sweet Track in ________, also dates from this time.
ScotlandWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: In Southwest ________, Neolithic cultures appear soon after 10000 BC, initially in the Levant (Pre-Pottery Neolithic A and Pre-Pottery Neolithic B) and from there spread eastwards and westwards.

Question 6: over 3000 settlements of the ________, some with populations up to 15,000 residents, fluorished in present-day Romania, Moldova and Ukraine from 5400-2800 BC.
Cucuteni-Trypillian cultureYamna cultureLinear Pottery cultureBoian culture

Question 7: In ________, long houses built from wattle and daub were constructed.
BalkansEuropeEastern EuropeWestern Europe

Question 8: The Neolithic peoples in the Levant, ________, Syria, northern Mesopotamia and Central Asia were great builders, utilising mud-brick to construct houses and villages.
IstanbulTurkeyTurkish peopleAnatolia


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