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Neognathae: Quiz


Question 1: In fact, most researchers have by now employed the unranked taxa of ________.
CladeCladisticsPhylogenetic nomenclatureBiological classification

Question 2: For long the Neognathae were ranked as a superorder and not subdivided any further; attempts to do so, for example in the Conspectus of Charles Lucien Bonaparte, were never accepted even by a significant majority of ________.
BirdOrnithologyBird migrationBirdwatching

Question 3: More commonly found is the old placement as a superorder - but such systematic treatments need to be viewed with caution, as they often do not even incorporate the Galloanserae - or as unranked ________.
PhylogeneticsGhost lineageComputational phylogeneticsClade

Question 4: There are nearly 10,000 ________ of neognaths.
SpeciesLifeBiological classificationEvolution

Question 5: The orders are arranged in a sequence that attempts to follow the modern view on neognath ________.
Computational phylogeneticsPhylogeneticsCladeEvolution

Question 6: Since the late ________ from where the earliest fossils are known, they have undergone adaptive radiation to produce the staggering diversity of form (especially of the bill and feet), function, and behavior that we see today.
Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventCretaceousDinosaurGeologic time scale

Question 7: Indeed, until the 1980s there was little subdivision of the Aves in general, and even less of ________ merit.
Computational phylogeneticsEvolutionCladePhylogenetics

Question 8: Since then the availability of massive amounts of new data from fossils - especially Enantiornithes and other Mesozoic birds - as well as molecular (________ and protein) sequences allowed scientists to refine the classification.

Question 9: Neognaths (Neognathae) are birds within the subclass Neornithes of the class ________.
BirdModern birdsEnantiornithesArchaeopteryx

Question 10: The Neognathae include virtually all living birds; their sister taxon ________ contains the tinamous - their only order capable of flight - as well as the flightless ratites.
PalaeognathaeEnantiornithesIchthyornisModern birds


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