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Question 1: In humans and other primates, social and emotional processing is localized to the ________.
Cingulate cortexOrbitofrontal cortexAnterior cingulate cortexFrontal lobe

Question 2: For example, the occipital lobe contains the primary visual cortex, and the temporal lobe contains the ________.
Primary auditory cortexProsencephalonGrey matterHuman brain

Question 3: Model of the neocortex by the Brain Engineering Laboratory at ________ (
Dartmouth Big GreenDartmouth CollegeHarvard UniversityBrown University

Question 4: [3] In a similar manner, ________, such as turtles, have primary sensory cortices.

Question 5: Each column typically responds to a sensory stimulus representing a certain body part or region of ________ or vision.
FrequencyParticle velocitySound pressureSound

Question 6: The neocortex consists of the grey matter, or neuronal cell bodies and unmyelinated fibers, surrounding the deeper white matter (myelinated ________) in the cerebrum.
Alpha motor neuronSchwann cellNervous systemAxon

Question 7: The neocortex (________ for "new bark" or "new rind"), also called the neopallium ("new mantel") and isocortex ("equal rind"), is a part of the brain of mammals.
Old LatinRoman EmpireLatinVulgar Latin

Question 8: It is involved in higher functions such as sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning, conscious thought and ________.

Question 9: The neocortex is the newest part of the ________ to evolve (hence the name "neo"); the other parts of the cerebral cortex are the paleocortex and archicortex, collectively known as the allocortex.
Human brainGrey matterCerebrumCerebral cortex

Question 10: There is some debate,[1][2] however, as to the cross-________ nomenclature for neocortex.
LifeBiological classificationEvolutionSpecies

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