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Neocolonialism: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is a set of theories in philosophy, film, political sciences and literature that deal with the cultural legacy of colonial rule.
DeconstructionLiterary theoryPostcolonialismFeminist literary criticism

Question 2: Roughly designated as part of the Third World movement, it supported revolutionary anti-colonial action in various states, provoking the anger of the United States and ________.
FranceUnited KingdomCanadaItaly

Question 3: Cultural rejections of colonialism, such as the ________ movement, or simply the embracing of seemingly authentic local culture are then seen in a post colonial world as a necessary part of the struggle against domination.
CréolitéAfrican UnionNégritudeBlack Arts Movement

Question 4: Their Tunis conference of 1960 and ________ conference of 1961 specified their opposition to what they labeled neocolonialism, singling out the French Community of independent states organised by the former colonial power.

Question 5: ________, many in former colonised nations, were funded by both sides throughout this period.
Proxy warBiological warfareChemical warfareMilitary history

Question 6: In lieu of direct ________-political control, neocolonialist powers are said to employ financial, and trade policies to dominate less powerful countries.
Military historyWarMilitaryMilitary science

Question 7: This dependency allows the ________ and World Bank to impose Structural Adjustment Plans upon these nations.
World Bank GroupBretton Woods systemInternational Monetary FundBasel Committee on Banking Supervision

Question 8: This amounts to agricultural ________, a new form of neocolonialism.
Portuguese EmpireFrench colonial empireImperialismBritish Empire

Question 9: Those who subscribe to the concept maintain this amounts to a 'de facto' control over less powerful nations ('see ________'s World Systems Theory').
Anti-globalization movementColumbia UniversityImmanuel WallersteinWorld-systems approach

Question 10: [36] Shortly after the Madagascar deal, ________ announced that South Korea was in talks to develop 100,000 hectares for food production and processing for 700 to 800 billion won.

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