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Question 1: For information on the musical aspects, see ________ and Neoclassicism (music).
SerialismContemporary classical music20th-century classical musicConcerto

Question 2: Thus the designs of Zholtovsky, Fomin and other old masters were easily replicated in remote towns under strict material ________.
RationingRationing in the United KingdomUnited KingdomCuba

Question 3: "Make it new" was the modernist credo of the poet ________; contrarily, neoclassicism does not seek to re-create art forms from the ground up with each new project.
British People's Party (1939)Social CreditEzra PoundNorman Jaques

Question 4: It coexisted with moderately modernist architecture of Boris Iofan, bordering with contemporary ________ (Schuko); again, the purest examples of the style were produced by Zholtovsky school that remained an isolated phenomena.
Art NouveauBrutalist architectureArt DecoDe Stijl

Question 5: The Scots architect Charles Cameron created palatial Italianate interiors for the German-born ________ in Russian St.
Catherine II of RussiaPeter I of RussiaAlexander I of RussiaNicholas II of Russia

Question 6: The Rococo art of ancient ________ came as a revelation, through engravings in Wood's The Ruins of Palmyra.

Question 7: Virgil, Raphael, ________, Haydn.
Nicolas PoussinFrench artCaravaggioWestern painting

Question 8: Neoclassicism was an easy choice for the USSR since it did not rely on modern construction technologies (steel frame or reinforced concrete) and could be reproduced in traditional ________.
Stone wallStonemasonryBrickMasonry

Question 9: Neoclassicism and neo-Renaissance persisted in less demanding residential and office projects until 1955, when ________ put an end to expensive stalinist architecture.
Nikita KhrushchevJohn F. KennedyBoris YeltsinJoseph Stalin

Question 10: These were ________ when they were built.
United StatesWhite elephantConcordeCambodia


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