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Neo-fascism: Quiz


Question 1: Neo-fascism usually includes nationalism, anti-immigration policies or, where relevant, nativism (see definition), ________, and opposition to the parliamentary system and liberal democracy.
Mikhail GorbachevLech WałęsaBoris YeltsinAnti-communism

Question 2: Several ________ regimes and international neo-fascist movements collaborated in operations such as assassinations and false flag bombings.
Vietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyJoseph StalinCold War

Question 3: Eternal Fascism: Fourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt - ________'s list of 14 characteristics of Fascism, originally published 1995.
Claudio MagrisCarlo CassolaUmberto EcoAlberto Bevilacqua

Question 4: [8] Vincenzo Vinciguerra escaped to Franquist Spain with the help of the ________, following the 1972 Peteano attack, for which he was sentenced to life.
SISMINational Intelligence Service (South Korea)National Security AgencyState Security Intelligence

Question 5: Neo-fascist movements are more straight-forwardly ________ than the pre-WWII movements, and have become intertwined with the radical right.
ConservatismLeft-wing politicsRight-wing politicsPolitical spectrum

Question 6: Latin America's tradition of populism and authoritarian regimes includes the caudillos of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the various military juntas that took power during the ________.
Vietnam WarJoseph StalinCold WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 7: Fascism in ________ has been present in politics since the Greek Nationalist Socialist Party, though with limited popularity among the public.

Question 8: The Radical Right in Western Europe: A Comparative Analysis by Herbert Kitschelt (________ Press; Reprint edition, 1997, ISBN 0-472-08441-0)
Michigan State UniversityOhio State UniversityUniversity of MichiganWayne State University

Question 9: This has brought them condemnation from the ________, a human rights group.
Neo-NazismHolocaust denialAnti-Defamation LeagueSimon Wiesenthal Center

Question 10: As a result Binet joined with Gaston-Armand Amaudruz in a second meeting that same year in ________ to set up a second group pledged to wage war on communists and non-white people.

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