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Neo-druidism: Quiz


Question 1: Emma Restall Orr stated that "there is a general acceptance" of ________ amongst Druids, and that a soul can reincarnate into any species.

Question 2: Originally inspired by 17th, 18th and 19th century Romantic movements, modern Druidism was based upon theories about the ________ Celtic druids which are no longer considered to be historically accurate.
Iron Age ChinaIron AgeLa Tène cultureAncient Near East

Question 3: Together they founded a small congregation with affinities to various Wicca groups and to various practitioners of ceremonial magic (or Magick if they were ________).
Sex magicHermetic QabalahOrdo Templi OrientisThelema

Question 4: This idea of great ancestor respect or ________ is common in pagan folk religions.
Day of the DeadGhostChristianityVeneration of the dead

Question 5: [5] In the first half of the twentieth century, modern druids developed fraternal organizations based on ________ that employed the romantic figure of the British Druids and Bards as symbols of indigenous British spirituality.
Societas RosicrucianaCo-FreemasonryFreemasonryAnti-Masonry

Question 6: The New Order of Druids opened the first of its local groves, the Mother Grove called Nervii Nemeton, on September 2, 2005 in ________, Belgium.

Question 7: It is an online organisation, offering a free alternative for people to learn through the means of the ________, with three main goals: to learn, to grow, to exchange.
E-mailInternet Relay ChatWorld Wide WebInternet

Question 8: Robert Larson, a priest ordained in the Carleton Grove in 1963 or 1964, relocated to ________ about 1966, and eventually encountered Isaac Bonewits there.
Oakland, CaliforniaFremont, CaliforniaHayward, CaliforniaBerkeley, California

Question 9: The founding of the first congregation of the Reformed Druids of North America, or RDNA, at ________, Northfield, Minnesota, in 1963, though not itself Neopagan proved influential in the birth of other Neopagan organizations.
Carleton CollegeGustavus Adolphus CollegeMacalester CollegeSt. Olaf College

Question 10: The New Order of Druids was opened by David Dom in ________ in January 2003.
BelgiumUnited KingdomDenmarkSpain


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