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Neo-classical metal: Quiz


Question 1: The styling existed mainly with guitarists but was also present with other instrumentalists such as keyboardist ________.
Rick WakemanOliver WakemanYes (band)Jon Anderson

Question 2: The music of late Baroque composers such as Vivaldi, Handel and ________ was often highly ornate.
Johann PachelbelFugueBaroque musicJohann Sebastian Bach

Question 3: Even more recently there has been a sudden burst of slight neo-classical influence within mainstream metal acts such as ________, Protest The Hero and The Human Abstract.
Alexi LaihoRoope LatvalaChildren of Bodom discographyChildren of Bodom

Question 4: ________, the most notable musician in the sub-genre, contributed greatly to the development of the style in the 1980s.
G3 (tour)Mark BoalsJeff Scott SotoYngwie Malmsteen

Question 5: Neo-classical metal takes its name from a broad conception of ________.
Classical musicMusical formMusic theoryMusical notation

Question 6: The ________ and Classical periods have been particularly influential to the genre because of their unique sound and techniques that blend into a rock setting effectively.
Western art historyBaroqueRenaissanceMannerism

Question 7: The classical period was a time in which rigidly structured musical forms such as the ________, symphony and string quartet were developed.
Piano sonataSonataFugueSonata form

Question 8: Some of the techniques used include ________ and pedal point.
Baroque musicCounterpointFugueMusic

Question 9: Early classical influences within hard rock and heavy metal are most notably found in the playing of Ritchie Blackmore[1], Uli Jon Roth, and ________[1].
Ozzy OsbourneRudy SarzoRandy RhoadsZakk Wylde

Question 10: Neo-classical metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music that is heavily influenced by ________.
Musical notationClassical musicMusical formMusic theory

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