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Neo-Aramaic languages: Quiz


Question 1: From this group, the Christian varieties of the extreme north west of ________ – Central Neo-Aramaic (confusingly different from the definition above) – stand apart.
SumerMesopotamiaBabyloniaAkkadian Empire

Question 2: It is the direct descendant of Classical Mandaic, which traces its roots back to the Persian-influenced Aramaic of the ________.
Parthian EmpireSeleucid EmpireSassanid EmpireIlkhanate

Question 3: Neo-Aramaic, or Modern Aramaic, languages are varieties of Aramaic that are spoken vernaculars in the medieval to modern era, evolving out of ________ dialects around AD 1200 (conventional date).
Semitic languagesAramaic languageArabic languageAkkadian language

Question 4: According to ________, there are an estimated 550,000 native speakers of Neo-Aramaic dialects as of 1994.
Mayan languagesLanguage isolateAltaic languagesEthnologue

Question 5: Therefore, the ________ is incomplete, with many varieties absent.
Dialect continuumLanguage educationAusbausprache, Abstandsprache and DachspracheGerman language


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