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Nemertea: Quiz


Question 1: The traditional classes of ________ for nemerteans armed with one or more stylets and Anopla for those without are not monophyletic is not supported by molecular data.

Question 2: [1] Most of the 1,400 or so species are marine, with a few living in ________ and a small number of terrestrial forms; they are found in all marine habits, and throughout the world's oceans.
LakeFreshwaterWater resourcesEarth

Question 3: Nemertea is a phylum of invertebrate ________ also known as ribbon worms or proboscis worms.

Question 4: Most nemerteans are carnivorous and predatory, catching prey with their proboscis,[4] although some are scavengers and some are ________.

Question 5: The proboscis is wrapped around the prey, which is normally other invertebrates such as crustaceans and ________ and can be many times larger than the nemertean itself, and the prey is then stabbed repeatedly with the stylet until dead.

Question 6: They are often found in and among seaweeds, rocks, mussel and ________ beds, or buried in mud, sand, or gravel substrates.

Question 7: The majority of nemertean worms live on or in the sea floor, with many species extending into ________ in estuaries, and some freshwater or fully terrestrial species.
North SeaUnited StatesBrackish waterBaltic Sea

Question 8: [6] A few, such as Malacobdella, live commensally in the mantle cavity of ________ by "stealing" from the food filtered by the host. [6]

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