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Neil Young: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following genres does Neil Young produce?

Question 2:
What is the origin of Neil Young?
Thomas Carow: Muennerstadt, Germany, 1990
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Camden, London, UK
Achaea prefecture

Question 3:
What is Neil Young also known as?
Kid Krush, Tazmaniac, Taz, Tazz
Grenier, Adrian
Young, Neil Percival
Peu00F1a y Peu00F1a, Josu00E9 Manuel de la

Question 4: The first installment, entitled ________, was originally slated for a 2007 release but was delayed repeatedly, ultimately being released on June 2, 2009.
Neil Young discographyDecade (Neil Young album)The Archives Vol. 1 1963–1972Neil Young

Question 5:
What company publishes Neil Young?
Gru00E1fica da Praia
Pantheon, New York. Reprint edition: Da Capo Press
Guglielmo da Fontaneto
Da Capo

Question 6:
Which of the following titles did Neil Young have?

Question 7: Young is referred to as "the Godfather of ________" because of the influence he had on Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder and the entire grunge movement.
GrungeAlternative rockRiot GrrrlNoise rock

Question 8:
What years was Neil Young active?
2004 - present

Question 9:
What role did Neil Young play in the videomovie White Collar Blue?
Det. Joe Hill
Emu Johnson
Jack McCabe
Charlie Ciric

Question 10:
What was Neil Young's birth name?
Neil Percival Young
Garry George Johnson
Angus Murdo McKenzie
Lee Alistair Wright

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