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Neighbourhood: Quiz


Question 1: In some other places the equivalent organization is the ________, though a parish may have several neighbourhoods within it depending on the area.

Question 2: In addition, government statistics for local areas are often referred to as neighbourhood statistics, although the data themselves are broken down usually into ________ and wards for local purposes.
DistrictIndependent cityMunicipalityProvince

Question 3: These may regulate such matters as lawn care and ________ height, and they may provide such services as block parties, neighbourhood parks, and community security.
United StatesFenceUnited KingdomCattle

Question 4: In ________ and the United States, neighbourhoods are often given official or semi-official status through neighbourhood associations, neighbourhood watches, or block watches.
BarbadosBelizeUnited KingdomCanada

Question 5: A neighbourhood or neighborhood (see spelling differences) is a geographically localised community within a larger ________, town or suburb.
CountyCityMunicipalityIndependent city


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