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Question 1: In ________, Nehebkau (also spelt Nehebu-Kau, and Neheb Ka) was originally the explanation of the cause of binding of Ka and Ba after death.
Prehistoric religionSyncretismReligionAncient Egyptian religion

Question 2: Ka is also the Egyptian word for ________, and so as the somewhat difficult to interpret (one who) harnesses together phalluses, he was often depicted in an ithyphallic manner (still as a snake).
PhallusPriapusAphroditeGreek mythology

Question 3: Alternately, in areas where ________ was the chief god, it was said that Nehebkau was one of the warriors who protected Ra whilst he was in the underworld, during Ra's nightly travel, as a sun god, under the earth.
MutEgyptian pantheonRaThoth

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