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Question 1: The defendant who fails to realize the substantial risk of loss to the plaintiff/claimant, which any ________ [objective] in the same situation would clearly have realized, also breaches that duty.
FraudTortNegligenceReasonable person

Question 2: * ________ - these are damages that are not quantified in monetary terms (e.g., there's no invoice or receipt as there would be to prove special damages).
Judgment (law)DamagesDeposition (law)Pleading

Question 3: Interwoven with the simple idea of a party causing harm to another are issues on ________ bills and compensations, which sometimes drove compensating companies out of business.
Workers' compensationLife insuranceInsuranceMarine insurance

Question 4: The case of ________[2] [1932] illustrates the law of negligence, laying the foundations of the fault principle around the Commonwealth.
Donoghue v StevensonCaparo Industries plc v DickmanScots lawTort

Question 5: "The broad agreement on the conceptual model," writes Professor Robertson of the ________, "entails recognition that the five elements are best defined with care and kept separate.
Texas A&M UniversityUniversity of Texas at AustinUniversity of FloridaTexas Tech University

Question 6: Through civil litigation, if an injured person proves that another person acted negligently to cause his injury, he can recover ________ to compensate for his harm.
PleadingDamagesDeposition (law)Judgment (law)

Question 7: When damages are not a necessary element, a plaintiff can win his case without showing that he suffered any loss; he would be entitled to ________ and any other damages according to proof.
Judgment (law)Deposition (law)DamagesPleading

Question 8: As there was no ________ the doctrine of privity prevented a direct action against the manufacturer, Andrew Smith.
ShariaDelegation (law)ContractDuress

Question 9: The damage may be physical, purely economic, both physical and economic (loss of earnings following a personal injury), or reputational (in a ________ case).
False lightDefamationHazingFair comment

Question 10: This can be by way of a ________, motion to dismiss, or motion for summary judgment.
AnswerLawsuitDemurrerClass action


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