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Question 1: The distinction between negative and positive liberty was drawn by ________ in his lecture "Two Concepts of Liberty." According to Berlin, the distinction is deeply embedded in the political tradition.
Karl PopperIsaiah BerlinClassical liberalismLiberalism

Question 2: From this quote it is clear that Hobbes contended that people in a state of nature ceded their individual rights to create ________, retained by the state, in return for their protection and a more functional society.

Question 3: Helvetius expresses the point clearly: "The free man is the man who is not in irons, nor imprisoned in a ________, nor terrorized like a slave by the fear of punishment ...
United KingdomPrisonCapital punishmentUnited States

Question 4: The notion of negative liberty is associated with British philosophers such as Locke, Hobbes, and ________, and positive liberty with continental thinkers, such as Hegel, Rousseau, Herder, and Marx.
Adam SmithJeremy BenthamDavid HumeImmanuel Kant

Question 5: According to ________, "a free man is he that in those things which by his strength and wit he is able to do is not hindered to do what he hath the will to do." (Leviathan, Ch.
PlatoGottfried LeibnizThomas HobbesImmanuel Kant


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