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Neem: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the binomial of Neem?
Flagellaria indica
Azadirachta indica
Pseudomonas indica
Nesokia indica

Question 2: A souplike dish called Veppampoo Rasam (Tamil) (translated as "neem flower rasam") made of the flower of neem is prepared in ________.
Tamil NaduMadras PresidencyVelloreChennai

Question 3: In East Africa it is also known as Muarubaini (________), which means the tree of the 40, as it is said to treat 40 different diseases.
Zulu languageEnglish languageArabic languageSwahili language

Question 4: It is evergreen, but in severe ________ it may shed most or nearly all of its leaves.
DroughtDeforestationClimate change and agricultureKyoto Protocol

Question 5: Neem is deemed very effective in the treatment of scabies, although only preliminary scientific proof, which still has to be corroborated, exists, and is recommended for those who are sensitive to ________, a known insecticide which might be an irritant.

Question 6: Neem can grow in many different types of ________, but it thrives best on well drained deep and sandy soils.
ClaySoilLandslideWater well

Question 7: The (white and fragrant) ________ are arranged axillary, normally in more-or-less drooping panicles which are up to 25 cm (10 in.) long.
FruitFlowerFlowering plantSeed

Question 8: During most occasions of celebrations and weddings the people of ________ adorn their surroundings with the Neem leaves and flowers as a form of decoration and also to wade of evil spirits and infections.
Tamil NaduVelloreMadras PresidencyChennai

Question 9: The oil is also used in sprays against ________ for cats and dogs.

Question 10: Neem flowers are very popular for their use in Ugadi Pachhadi (soup-like pickle), which is made on Ugadi day in the South Indian States of Andhra Pradesh, ________ and Karnataka.
Tamil NaduMadras PresidencyChennaiVellore

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