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Necrotizing fasciitis: Quiz


Question 1: John "JD" Dorian recalls a medical special he saw on television that stated necrotizing fasciitis is often mistaken for ________.

Question 2: Melvin Franklin, bass singer for ________.
David RuffinThe Ultimate Collection (The Temptations album)The Temptations discographyThe Temptations

Question 3: [5] ________ of the affected organ(s) may be necessary.
SurgeryICD-9-CM Volume 3AmputationUnited States

Question 4: Eric Allin Cornell, winner of the 2001 ________, lost his left arm and shoulder to the disease in 2004.
Nicolaas BloembergenTsung-Dao LeeJohn Hasbrouck Van VleckNobel Prize in Physics

Question 5: Alexandru Marin, an experimental particle physicist, professor at MIT, ________ and Harvard University, and researcher at CERN and JINR, died from the disease in 2005.
Tufts UniversityNortheastern UniversityRutgers UniversityBoston University

Question 6: As in other maladies characterized by massive wounds or tissue destruction, ________ treatment can be a valuable adjunctive therapy but is not widely available.
Scuba divingHyperbaric medicineDecompression sicknessOxygen toxicity

Question 7: ________, former premier of Québec, Canada, who became infected in 1994 while leader of the federal official opposition Bloc Québécois party, lost a leg to the illness.
Jean MarchandLucien BouchardJoseph-Adolphe ChapleauJoseph-Alfred Mousseau

Question 8: Necrotizing fasciitis at the ________
Life (magazine)Time WarnerOpen Directory ProjectJim Barksdale

Question 9: Initial treatment often includes a combination of intravenous antibiotics including penicillin, vancomycin, and ________.

Question 10: Codie Dempsey, singer and song writer from ________, died within 24 hours after being diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis.
St. George, New BrunswickSt. Andrews, New BrunswickSt. Stephen, New BrunswickWoodstock, New Brunswick


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