Necromancy: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Nancy the videomovie Necromancy?
Lee Purcell
Sue Bernard
Lisa James
Pamela Franklin

Question 2: In Renaissance magic, necromancy (or nigromancy, by popular association with niger "black") was classified as a forbidden art or ________, and Johannes Hartlieb (1456) lists demonology in general under the heading.
Magic (paranormal)Christian views on magicBlack magicWitchcraft

Question 3: In these religions, spirits (called Egungun or ________) can be sent out to attack a person [16] or they can be asked to take possession of someone.
Yoruba religionCandombléOrishaSantería

Question 4: The ceremony for conjuring a horse closely relates to the Arabic ________, and the French romances.
Abbasid CaliphateArabic literatureOne Thousand and One NightsIslamic Golden Age

Question 5:
Who played Priscilla the videomovie Necromancy?
Lee Purcell
Lee Purcell
Lisa James
Pamela Franklin

Question 6:
What role did Sue Bernard play in the videomovie Necromancy?
Lori Brandon

Question 7:
Who played Georgette the videomovie Necromancy?
Lee Purcell
Lisa James
Lisa James
Pamela Franklin

Question 8: Early necromancy is likely related to ________, which calls upon spirits such as the ghosts of ancestors.
PolytheismMircea EliadeReligionShamanism

Question 9: The compound νεκρομαντεία itself is post-classical, first used by ________ in the 3rd century.
JeromeEarly ChristianityChurch FathersOrigen

Question 10: Modern séances, channeling, ________ and Spiritualism verge on necromancy when the supposedly invoked spirits are asked to reveal future events.
SpiritismMediumshipSpiritist centreChico Xavier

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