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Near death experience: Quiz


Question 1: ________ occurs when the individual becomes lucid and realizes they are in a dream.
Lucid dreamSleepSleep paralysisHypnagogia

Question 2: After a view of Heaven (a bright, sunny country) he finds himself in a completely different place: ________ (a lake of fire).
HellIntermediate stateSoulAfterlife

Question 3: In Passage, a 2001 novel by ________, the principal storyline centers around a researcher who has developed a technique for inducing an experience very much like a natural NDE.
Hugo AwardHugo Award for Best NovelConnie WillisHugo Award for Best Short Story

Question 4: His ________ is pulled back into his physical body after a successful resuscitation.
Mental planeSubtle bodyAstral bodyPlane (esotericism)

Question 5: Michael Sabom reports a case about a woman who underwent surgery for an ________.
AtherosclerosisAortic dissectionAortic aneurysmAneurysm

Question 6: All subjects in the study were also very experienced users of DMT and/or other psychedelic/________ agents.
Psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriantsPsychedelic drugPsilocybin mushroomsEntheogen

Question 7: Among the researchers and commentators who tend to emphasize a naturalistic and neurological base for the experience, are the British psychologist Susan Blackmore (1993) and the founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine, ________ (1998).
Remote viewingMichael ShermerNear death experienceJames Randi

Question 8: Strassman advanced the theory that a massive release of DMT from the ________ prior to death or near-death was the cause of the near-death experience phenomenon.
Pituitary glandHypothalamusPosterior pituitaryPineal gland

Question 9: ________, an environmental activist and singer/songwriter, reported a near-death experience in 1983.
The Independent Florida AlligatorKiki CarterGainesville, FloridaBilly Preston

Question 10: Karl Jansen, a New Zealand-born psychiatrist, claims to have reproduced the effects of NDEs through the use of ________, thus giving potential evidence of a biological cause of the experience.

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