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Neapolitan Republic (Napoleonic): Quiz


Question 1: After these events were reported in Britain, ________ denounced Nelson in the House of Commons for the admiral's part in "the atrocities at the Bay of Naples".
Charles James FoxHarold MacmillanHenry John Temple, 3rd Viscount PalmerstonGeorge Canning

Question 2: Although the lazzaroni (the lowest class of the people) were devoted to the Bourbon dynasty and ready to defend it, he embarked on Nelson's Vanguard and fled with his court to ________ in a panic.

Question 3: More than 500 other people were imprisoned, and some 350 ________ or exiled.
Ethnic cleansingDeportationUnited StatesPopulation transfer

Question 4: Meanwhile the court at Palermo sent Cardinal Fabrizio Ruffo, a wealthy and influential prelate, to ________ to organize a counter-revolution.

Question 5: Nelson himself arrived in ________ in September 1798, where he was enthusiastically received.

Question 6: ________, however, gained ground, especially among the aristocracy.

Question 7: After some negotiation the parties concluded an armistice and agreed on capitulation (onorevole capitolazione), whereby the castles were to be evacuated, the hostages liberated and the garrisons free to remain in Naples unmolested or to sail for ________.

Question 8: An unofficial alternate name, the Parthenopaean Republic, referred to an ancient ________ Parthenope on the site of the future city of Naples.
Roman EmpireAlexander the GreatColonies in antiquityByzantine Empire

Question 9: The scattered Republican detachments were defeated, only Naples and ________ holding out.
AlannoPescaraCaramanico TermeAbbateggio


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