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Neal Adams: Quiz


Question 1: Another, his breakout character, was the supernatural hero ________, who had debuted in DC's Strange Adventures #205 (Nov.
Green ArrowDeadmanEtrigan the DemonHal Jordan

Question 2: Adams was inducted into the ________'s Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1998, and the Harvey Awards' Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1999.
Eisner AwardSan Diego Comic-Con InternationalEagle Award (comics)Inkpot Award

Question 3: With DC war comics stalwart ________ now concentrating on the comic strip The Green Berets, Adams saw an opening:
Alley AwardSuperheroAdam KubertJoe Kubert

Question 4: In the early 1970s, Adams was the art director, costume designer, as well as the poster/Playbill illustrator for Warp!, a ________ stage play by Bury St.
Alternate historyScience fiction fandomCyberpunkScience fiction

Question 5: In 1962, Adams began his comics career in earnest at the NEA ________ syndicated.
NewspaperDefamationNews mediaMedia bias

Question 6: Batman's enduring makeover would come later, after Adams and O'Neil's celebrated and, for the time, controversial revamping of the longstanding DC characters Green Lantern and ________.
Solomon Grundy (comics)John Stewart (comics)Hal JordanGreen Arrow

Question 7: [11] Boltinoff instead assigned him the cover of The Adventures of ________ #106 (Sept.
Bob HopeCharlton HestonJerry LewisFrank Sinatra

Question 8: Also that month, Adams drew his first superhero story, teaming with writer Gardner Fox on the lighthearted backup feature "The Elongated Man" in ________ #369, the flagship Batman title.
Batman (comic book)World's Finest ComicsGotham UndergroundDetective Comics

Question 9: Adams' pencil drawings on his later Batman stories were frequently inked by ________, with whom Adams formed Continuity Associates, a company that primarily supplied storyboards for motion pictures.
Neal AdamsJohn ByrneCarmine InfantinoDick Giordano

Question 10: Adams' art style, honed in advertising and in the ________ school of dramatic-serial comics strips,[18] marked a signal change from most comics art to that time.
Color FieldPhotorealismModern artAbstract expressionism

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