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Question 1: According to tradition, it is built on the location where three monks, Nikitas, Ioannes and Iosif, miraculously found an icon of the ________, hanging from a branch of myrtle.
Biblical MagiSaint JosephMary (mother of Jesus)Jesus

Question 2: [2] In addition, outside the walls, near the monks' cemetery, there is a small chapel to ________.
Saint PeterJames the JustBarnabasLuke the Evangelist

Question 3: The monastery's decline began only after the destruction of Chios by the Ottomans in 1822, during the ________.
Ottoman GreeceBackground of the Greek War of IndependenceGreek War of IndependenceBattle of Navarino

Question 4: The katholikon is the monastery's central structure, dedicated to the ________ of the Virgin Mary.
Great LentDormition of the TheotokosLentEaster

Question 5: The monastery was built in the mid-11th century, by ________ Constantine IX Monomachos and his wife, Empress Zoe.
Concise list of Roman EmperorsList of Roman EmperorsRoman EmperorList of Byzantine emperors

Question 6: [2] The subsequent Genoese domination reduced its wealth, but the monastery prospered again during the Ottoman era, when it was subject directly to the ________, and enjoyed considerable autonomy.
History of the Orthodox ChurchEcumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of ConstantinopleEcumenical Patriarch of ConstantinopleEcumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Question 7: [2] At that time, Constantine was exiled in nearby ________, and the monks visited him and told of a vision according to which he would eventually become emperor.
Aegean SeaLemnosLesbosAgios Efstratios

Question 8: It is well known for its ________, which, together with those at Daphni and Hosios Loukas, are among the finest examples of "Macedonian Renaissance" art in Greece.
CollageMosaicCeramic artStained glass

Question 9: "New Monastery") is an 11th century monastery on the island of ________ that has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
PatmosDelosSamos IslandChios


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