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Question 1: Nazi ________ was based upon the belief that great nations grow from military power, and maintain order in the world.
MilitarismWarAerial warfareChemical warfare

Question 2: Nazi cultural perception of the Jews, based upon the anti-Semitic ________, emphasized that Jews throve on fomenting division among Germans, and among nation-states.
The Protocols of the Elders of ZionAntisemitismHolocaust denialNew World Order (conspiracy theory)

Question 3: (See: Black triangle (badge), ________)
Pink trianglePersecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the HolocaustLGBT social movementsLGBT history

Question 4: [64] In contrast, SS Chief ________ was much interested in the occult.
Joseph GoebbelsAdolf HitlerThe HolocaustHeinrich Himmler

Question 5: To rescue Germany from the socio-economic chaos established by the world-wide ________, Nazism promoted a politico-economic “Third Way”; a managed economy, neither capitalist nor communist.
United StatesRepublican Party (United States)Federal Reserve SystemGreat Depression

Question 6: Nazism successfully competed for voters against ________ because Nazism appealed to the anti-Bolshevik German establishment — by promising socio-economic stability — and to the working class — by promising jobs.
SocialismCommunismCommunist stateMarxism

Question 7: When diplomacy failed to secure Danzig, the Nazis and the USSR signed the ________ (23 August 1939) for aiding Nazi Germany in a war with Poland.
Winter WarJoseph StalinEastern BlocMolotov–Ribbentrop Pact

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  The Master Race: the Meyers Blitz-Lexikon (Leipzig, 1932) depicts German war hero Karl von Müller as an exemplar Nordic type of the Herrenvolk.
  Adolf Hitler (right) beside Benito Mussolini (left), the founder of fascism and dictator of Fascist Italy. Mussolini provided financial assistance to the Nazis prior to their rise to power.
  The German Revolution of 1918–19: Freikorps soldiers and Communist revolutionary prisoner, Bavaria.
  Nazism: Adolf Hitler, the Führer of Nazi Germany.

Question 9: ________, a prominent Nazi official, said: "Priests will be paid by us and, as a result, they will preach what we want.
Adolf HitlerJoachim von RibbentropMartin BormannJoseph Goebbels

Question 10: Nazism (Nationalsozialismus, National Socialism), is the ideology and practice of the Nazi Party and of ________.
Adolf HitlerAxis powersIon AntonescuNazi Germany

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