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Question 1: In July 1939, a Nazi secret program called ________ was implemented whose purpose was to effect the extermination of psychiatric patients.
Action T4Treblinka extermination campAuschwitz concentration campOperation Reinhard

Question 2: [5] Many of the them were killed in the ________'s terror bombing operations (including the bombing of Frampol[6] and Wieluń,[7]).
Hellenic Air ForceRoyal Air ForceRomanian Air ForceLuftwaffe

Question 3: It is estimated that tens of thousands of these victims were killed in mass executions, including an estimated 37,000 people at the Pawiak prison complex run by the ________, and thousands of others killed in the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto.
GestapoHeinrich HimmlerNazi GermanyAdolf Hitler

Question 4: Over two million were ethnic Poles (the remaining 500,000 were mainly ethnic minority Ukrainians and Belarusians living in ________).

Question 5: From the start of the war against Poland, Germany intended to realize the plan laid-out by the Nazi leader ________ in his 1926 book Mein Kampf.
Nazi GermanySchutzstaffelNazi PartyAdolf Hitler

Question 6: According to some modern research, in the years 1943–1944, the Warsaw concentration camp was used as a death camp in an attempt to depopulate the Polish capital ________.

Question 7: In addition to about three million Polish Jews (mostly killed in Operation Reinhard), up to 2.5 million non-________ Polish citizens perished during the course of the war.
SamaritanIslam and JudaismJudaismKabbalah

Question 8: Many Poles died in Majdanek concentration camp in ________.

Question 9: Neither Reinefarth nor ________ were ever tried for their crimes committed during the suppression of the uprising.
Erich von dem Bach-ZelewskiSchutzstaffelReinhard HeydrichEinsatzgruppen

Question 10: [16] In the area in and around Bydgoszcz, about 10,000 non-Jewish Polish civilians were murdered in the first four months of the occupation (see ________).
Adolf HitlerWaffen-SSPolish CorridorBloody Sunday (1939)

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