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Question 1: The import of foreign films was legally restricted after 1936 and the German industry, which was effectively ________ in 1937, had to make up for the missing foreign films (above all American productions).
SocialismSocialist InternationalLibertarian socialismNationalization

Question 2: In 1941, Germany's invasion of ________ resulted in that state's splintering.
Josip Broz TitoYugoslaviaSerbiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 3:
How is Martin Heidegger described?
South African Philosopher
Kazakh poet, philosopher and composer
Journalist, Philosopher, Novelist
German philosopher

Question 4: Furthermore, to coerce popular obedience to the state, the Nazis established the ________ secret state police — independent of civil authority.
GestapoNazi GermanyHeinrich HimmlerAdolf Hitler

Question 5: Two important issues were administration of the Polish corridor and ________'s incorporation into the Reich.

Question 6: Most of the judicial structures and legal codes of the ________ remained in use during the Third Reich, but significant changes within the judicial codes occurred, as well as significant changes in court rulings.
PrussiaGerman EmpireWeimar RepublicAdolf Hitler

Question 7: Modern ________ and avant-garde art was removed from museums and put on special display as "degenerate art", where it was to be ridiculed.
Western paintingAbstract artLate modernismModern art

Question 8: Operation Barbarossa was supposed to begin earlier than it did; however, failed Italian ventures in North Africa and the ________ concerned Hitler.
Eastern EuropeBalkansEuropeWestern Europe

Question 9:
Which is the largest city in Nazi Germany?

Question 10: The Nazis rationalized that the ________, being a super human (Übermenschlich) race, had a biological right to displace, eliminate and enslave inferiors.
Ethnic GermansAustriaGermanyGermans

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