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Navigator: Quiz


Question 1: Aboard ships in the Merchant Marine and Merchant Navy, the ________ is generally the (senior) Navigator.
Third MateSecond MateBoatswainChief Mate

Question 2: This requires that the ship's position be determined, using standard methods including dead reckoning, radar fixing, ________, pilotage, and electronic navigation, to include usage of GPS and navigation computer equipment.
Celestial navigationGlobal Positioning SystemLongitudeLunar distance (navigation)

Question 3: Passage planning procedures are specified in ________ Resolutions, in the laws of IMO signatory countries (for example, Title 33 of the U.S.
AzerbaijanInternational Maritime OrganizationCyprusBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 4: ________), and a number of professional books and USN/USAF publications.
Administrative lawAdministrative law judgeCode of Federal RegulationsRulemaking

Question 5: The navigator is in charge of maintaining the aircraft or ship's ________, nautical publications, and navigational equipment, and generally has responsibility for meteorological equipment and communications.
MapMap projectionNautical chartCartography

Question 6: When the track is finished, it is becoming common practice to also enter it into electronic navigation tools such as a Electronic Chart Display and Information System, a chartplotter, or a ________ unit.
Global Positioning SystemF-15 EagleInertial navigation systemCompass

Question 7: ________ officers that are shipboard navigators are normally Cutter qualified at a level analogous to the USN officers previously mentioned.
United States armed forcesUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States NavyUnited States Coast Guard

Question 8: ________ are the Navigator's enlisted assistants and perform most of the technical navigation duties.
SergeantMilitary organizationBritish ArmyQuartermaster

Question 9: A navigator is the person on board a ship or aircraft responsible for its ________.
NavigationAmateur radio direction findingGlobal Positioning SystemCompass


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