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Question 1: The crossing may be surmounted by a tower or spire, or by a dome in Eastern churches, a feature that was reintroduced to the West at the Renaissance, first in ________'s San Lorenzo (illustration right).
FlorenceItalian RenaissanceRenaissance architectureFilippo Brunelleschi

Question 2: Longest nave in ________: Bourges Cathedral, 91 metres (300 ft), including choir where a crossing would be if there were transepts.
ItalyCanadaFranceUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Longest nave in the United States: ________, New York City, United States (Episcopal), 70 metres (230 ft).
St. Patrick's Cathedral, New YorkGothic Revival architectureGothic architectureCathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York

Question 4: Longest nave in Germany: ________, 58 metres (190 ft), including two bays between the towers.
RegensburgSpeyer CathedralCologne CathedralSt. Michael's Church, Hildesheim

Question 5: The nave of a church, whether Romanesque, Gothic or Classical, extends from the entry — which may have a separate vestibule, the narthex — to the chancel and is flanked by lower ________ separated from the nave by an arcade.
Gothic architectureApseAisleBath, Somerset

Question 6: Highest completed vaulted nave: ________, Italy, 45 metres (150 ft) high.
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of MilanMilan CathedralApseLombardy

Question 7: Longest nave in Spain: ________, 60 metres (200 ft), in five bays.
SevilleToledo, SpainCasa de PilatosAndalusia

Question 8: The architectural antecedents of this construction lay in the secular Roman ________, a kind of covered stoa sited adjacent to a forum, where magistrates met and public business was transacted.

Question 9: The nave was the area reserved for the non-clergy (the "laity"), while the chancel and choir were reserved for the clergy, and a ________ (cancellus) separated the sanctuary from the nave.
IconostasisAnglicanismRood screenCatholic Church

Question 10: Longest nave in ________: St Peter's Basilica in Rome, 91 metres (300 ft), in four bays.

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