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Navaratnas: Quiz


Question 1: The Mughal ruler ________, despite his illiteracy, was a great lover of the artists and intellectuals.
BaburJahangirHumayunAkbar the Great

Question 2: Birbal's duties in Akbar's court were mostly ________ and administrative but he was also a very close friend of the emperor, who liked Birbal most for his wit and humor.
WarMilitaryMilitary historyMilitary science

Question 3: [1] He was also the brother of Faizi, the poet laureate of emperor ________.
BaburAkbar the GreatHumayunMughal Empire

Question 4: He was a trusted general in ________'s army and was the grandson of Akbar’s father-in-law.
Mughal EmpireHumayunBaburAkbar the Great

Question 5: [2] The village of Khankhana, named after him, is located in the Nawanshahr district of the state of Punjab in northwest ________.
Research and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaIndia

Question 6: He is most known for his ________ couplets and his books on Astrology.
Hindustani languageHindiSanskritPunjabi language

Question 7: He was also the Mughal viceroy of Afghanistan, led campaigns in ________, Orissa, Deccan and was also the viceroy of Bengal.
PatnaBihari cultureBihari peopleBihar

Question 8: Some well-known groups are in the court of King Janaka, Vikramaditya and in ________'s darbar.
Akbar the GreatBaburHumayunMughal Empire

Question 9: Navaratnas or Nauratan (Sanskrit dvigu nava-ratna- "nine gems") was a term applied to a group of nine extraordinary people in a king's court in ________.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaIndiaResearch and Analysis Wing


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