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Naval history of Japan: Quiz


Question 1: The first major naval contacts occurred in the ________ in the 3rd century BCE, when rice-farming and metallurgy were introduced, from the continent.
Yayoi periodKofun periodYoshinogari siteJapan

Question 2: Hoare ed., Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits Volume III, Japan Library 1999.) ________ was trained by the British navy.
Yamamoto GonnohyōeImperial Japanese NavyFirst Sino-Japanese WarTōgō Heihachirō

Question 3: The Japanese tried to crush his fleet at the ________, but suffered another decisive defeat.
Battle of MyeongnyangJapanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598)Siege of NamwonBattle of Chilcheollyang

Question 4: The Tokugawa shogunate had, for some time, planned to invade the ________ in order to eradicate Spanish expansionism in Asia, and its support of Christian factions within Japan.
Papua New GuineaEast TimorPhilippinesUnited States

Question 5: The 14 CE invasion of Silla (新羅, Shiragi in Japanese), one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, is the earliest Japanese military action recorded in ________.
GoguryeoBaekjeBalhaeSamguk Sagi

Question 6: The ________ was signed with the United States on July 29, 1858.
JapanTreaty of Amity and Commerce (United States–Japan)Ansei TreatiesMatthew C. Perry

Question 7: With these ships, Nobunaga defeated the Mōri clan navy at the mouth of the Kizu River, near ________ in 1578, and began a successful naval blockade.

Question 8: During the last phase of the war the Imperial Japanese Navy resorted to a series of desperate measures, including ________ (suicide) actions.
Comfort womenImperial Japanese ArmyKamikazeKempeitai

Question 9: A tiny Dutch delegation in Dejima, Nagasaki was the only allowed contact with the West, from which the Japanese were kept partly informed of western scientific and technological advances, establishing a body of knowledge known as ________.
BakumatsuEdo periodRangakuSakoku

Question 10: The naval successes of the ________ against China in the Sino-French War of 1883-85 seemed to validate the potential of torpedo boats, an approach which was also attractive to the limited resources of Japan.
French NavyFrench aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91)Force océanique stratégiqueForce d'action navale

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