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Question 1: ________ (1998), 10 episodes
The Living PlanetThe Life of BirdsThe Life of MammalsLife on Earth (TV series)

Question 2: ________ (1990), 12 episodes
Life on Earth (TV series)The Life of MammalsThe Trials of LifeThe Living Planet

Question 3: ________ (1984), 12 episodes
Planet Earth (TV series)Life (BBC TV series)The Living PlanetLife on Earth (TV series)

Question 4: The Crocodile Hunter Diaries (________2003), 30 episodes

Question 5: The following documentaries are based on wildlife and aired on the ________ and Animal Planet.
Discovery ChannelTLC (TV channel)Science ChannelDiscovery Channel (South East Asian TV channel)

Question 6: A nature documentary is a documentary film about ________, plants, or other non-human living creatures, usually concentrating on film taken in their natural habitat.

Question 7: ________ (2008), 5 episodes
Life (BBC TV series)Planet Earth (TV series)Life in Cold BloodLife on Earth (TV series)

Question 8: ________ (2002), 10 episodes
Life on Earth (TV series)The Life of MammalsPlanet Earth (TV series)The Trials of Life

Question 9: ________ (1995), 6 episodes
The Life of MammalsThe Private Life of PlantsThe Living PlanetLife on Earth (TV series)

Question 10: Bindi inherited her father ________'s responsibilities after he died.
Darwin, Northern TerritoryTerri IrwinAustraliaSteve Irwin


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