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Question 1: Such integrative fields, for example, include nanoscience, ________, and complex system informatics.
AstrobiologyPlanetary habitabilityEuropa (moon)Extraterrestrial life

Question 2: The discovery of the chemical elements and the concept of ________ began to systematize this science, and researchers developed a fundamental understanding of states of matter, ions, chemical bonds and chemical reactions.
Bohr modelAtomic theoryElectronAtomic orbital

Question 3: This field studies the interactions of physical, chemical and biological components of the environment, with a particular regard to the effect of human activities and the impact on ________ and sustainability.
NatureBiodiversityConservation biologyEcology

Question 4: ________
Philosophy of science
Scientific method
Relationship between religion and scienceHistory of scienceScientific revolutionHistory of evolutionary thought

Question 5: Physics relies heavily on ________ as the logical framework for formulation and quantification of principles.
GeometrySet theoryMathematical logicMathematics

Question 6: The formulation of theories about the governing laws of the universe has been central to the study of physics from very early on, with ________ gradually yielding to systematic, quantitative experimental testing and observation as the source of verification.
David HumePolitical philosophyAristotlePhilosophy

Question 7: Though mathematics, statistics, and ________ are not considered natural sciences (mathematics traditionally considered among the liberal arts and statistics among the humanities, for instance), they provide many tools and frameworks used within the natural sciences.
Computer scienceSoftware engineeringComputer programmingProgramming paradigm

Question 8: The success of this science led to a complementary ________ that now plays a significant role in the world economy.
Chemical industryPlasticPetrochemicalDow Chemical Company

Question 9: A particular example of a scientific discipline that draws upon multiple natural sciences is ________.
Environmental scienceEnvironmental planningEnvironmental engineeringEnvironmental history

Question 10: The scale of study can range from sub-component biophysics up to complex ________.


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