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Question 1: ________ sometimes referred to his discoveries as planètes in French, but more often as satellites.
JupiterGalileo GalileiGiovanni Domenico CassiniAstronomy

Question 2: The most common dividing line on what is considered a moon rests upon whether the ________ is below the surface of the larger body, though this is somewhat arbitrary, as it relies on distance as well as relative mass.
TireCar handlingCenter of massVehicle dynamics

Question 3: Some, such as ________, are double asteroids with two comparably sized components.
Asteroid belt91 Aegina90 Antiope89 Julia

Question 4: Triton is another exception, which although large and in a close, circular orbit, is thought to be a captured ________.
PlutoSolar SystemEuropa (moon)Dwarf planet

Question 5: Of the inner planets, Mercury and Venus have no moons at all; Earth has one large moon, known as the Moon; and ________ has two tiny moons, Phobos and Deimos.
Water on MarsMarsLife on MarsMars landing

Question 6: Galileo chose to refer to his discoveries as Planetæ ("________"), but later discoverers chose other terms to distinguish them from the objects they orbited.
PlanetJupiterSolar SystemMercury (planet)

Question 7: Enceladus and Triton both have active features resembling ________, although in the case of Triton solar heating appears to provide the energy.
NeptuneVolcanoGeyserEnceladus (moon)

Question 8: Some studies estimate that up to 15% of all ________ could have satellites.
38628 Huya(55636) 2002 TX300(55637) 2002 UX25Trans-Neptunian object

Question 9: The only known exception is ________'s moon Hyperion, which rotates chaotically because of the gravitational influence of Titan.

Question 10: Furthermore, the suspected rings are thought to be narrow,[5] a phenomenon normally associated with ________.
JupiterPlanetary ringNatural satelliteSaturn


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