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Question 1: For example, a stock of trees or ________ provides a flow of new trees or fish, a flow which can be sustainable indefinitely.
Forage fishFish anatomyPelagic fishFish

Question 2: This implies that we should attribute value to things such as human intelligence and ________ to hydrocarbons, minerals, trees, and microscopic fungi.
SlaveryCultureFamilyHuman rights

Question 3: It is one approach to ecosystem valuation, an alternative to the traditional view of all non-human life as passive natural resources, and to the idea of ________ health.

Question 4: ________ now calculates the genuine savings rate of a country, taking into account the extraction of natural resources and the ecological damage caused by CO2 emissions.
World Bank GroupEuropean Central BankInternational Monetary FundBretton Woods system

Question 5: ________, triple bottom line, measuring well-being and other proposals for accounting reform often include proposals to measure an "ecological deficit" or "natural deficit" alongside a social deficit and financial deficit.
Full cost accountingRecyclingCompostingSustainability measurement

Question 6: However, human knowledge and understanding of the ________ is never complete, and therefore the boundaries of natural capital expand or contract as knowledge is gained or lost.
EcologyNatureNatural environmentEarth

Question 7: Natural capital may also provide services like recycling wastes or water catchment and ________ control.
ErosionDuneMouth barRiver delta

Question 8: Natural capital is thus the stock of natural ________ that yields a flow of valuable ecosystem goods or services into the future.
Systems ecologyEcologyEcosystem ecologyEcosystem


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