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Nationalist Party of Australia: Quiz


Question 1: The Bruce-Page government continued in office until ________, when the embittered Hughes led a group of backbenchers to cross the floor on a vote on Bruce's plans to reform the industrial arbitration system.

Question 2: Not to be confused with the modern ________.
Prime Minister of AustraliaNational Party of AustraliaLiberal Party of AustraliaAustralian federal election, 2007

Question 3: Country Party leader ________ demanded Hughes' resignation as party leader in return for their support.
John McEwenEarle PageBilly HughesArthur Fadden

Question 4: The majority of his party, most notably Roman Catholics and trade union representatives, was bitterly opposed to this, especially in the wake of the British government's reprisals against the Irish ________ of 1916.
Easter RisingConstance MarkiewiczPatrick PearseLiam Mellows

Question 5: Around 1929 the party's ________, then member of the Victorian Parliament, joined with Wilfrid Kent Hughes to form the Young Nationalists Organisation.
Malcolm FraserGough WhitlamHarold HoltRobert Menzies

Question 6: In October 1915 Labor Prime Minister ________ retired and Hughes was chosen unanimously by the Labor caucus to succeed him.
Andrew FisherChris WatsonBilly HughesBen Chifley

Question 7: He was a strong supporter of Australia's participation in ________, and after a visit to Britain in 1916 he became convinced that conscription was necessary if Australia was to sustain its contribution to the war effort.
World War IWestern Front (World War I)Armenian GenocideCaucasus Campaign

Question 8: In ________, following negotiations with a group of Labor Party defectors led by Joseph Lyons, the Nationalist Party was absorbed into the new United Australia Party, with Lyons as leader.

Question 9: Later, when Menzies founded the ________, he invited delegates from the Young Nationalists to attend.
Australian federal election, 2007National Party of AustraliaLiberal Party of AustraliaAustralian Labor Party

Question 10: The Nationalists duly dumped Hughes, elected ________ as leader, and formed a coalition government with the Country Party.
Joseph LyonsAndrew FisherBilly HughesStanley Bruce


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