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National language: Quiz


Question 1: A national language may for instance represent the national identity of a nation or ________.
United KingdomEnglandCountryScotland

Question 2:
When was the National language?
February 2009
March 2009

Question 3: Ultimately the Beijing dialect was chosen as the national language and given the name "國語" in Chinese (________: Guóyǔ, lit. national language, commonly known as "Standard Mandarin" in English).
PinyinISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 646ISO/IEC 8859-8

Question 4: The Swedish language (6% of the people) is a valid language everywhere in Finland, whereas the ________ (92% of the people) is most widely used, but the former is not legally valid everywhere.
Mari languageFinnish languageHungarian languageEstonian language

Question 5: More than 170 languages are spoken in the ________ and almost all of them belong to the Borneo-Philippines languages group of the Austronesian language family.
East TimorPapua New GuineaPhilippinesUnited States

Question 6: On May 5, 2009, Senator ________ (R-OK) introduced Senate Bill S.991 as a companion bill.
Jim InhofeJohn KerryTom CoburnJoe Lieberman

Question 7: But it is not the historical language of Syria which is ________, yet it is widely spoken all over the country.
Aramaic languageAssyrian peopleSyriac languageArabic language

Question 8: In ancient times, several local dialects were chosen as the official spoken language, such as the dialects from ________, Nanjing, etc.

Question 9: On May 6, 2009, Senator ________ (R-OK) introduced Bill S.992 as a companion bill.
Joe LiebermanJohn KerryJim InhofeTom Coburn

Question 10: The ________ of Mandarin and Guangzhou dialect of Cantonese were the most popular options.
Beijing dialectChinese languageFuzhou dialectTeochew dialect


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