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National awakening of Bulgaria: Quiz


Question 1: The revolt was largely confined to the region of ________, certain districts in northern Bulgaria, Macedonia, and in the area of Sliven.
Ruse, BulgariaVarnaSofiaPlovdiv

Question 2: Between the Stara Planina and the line of the Rhodope Range, which runs about 50km north of the modern border between Bulgaria and Greece, the autonomous province of ________ was created.
PlovdivOttoman EmpireEastern RumeliaBulgarians

Question 3: The massacres aroused a broad public reaction led by liberal Europeans such as ________, who launched a campaign against the "Bulgarian Horrors".
H. H. AsquithDavid Lloyd GeorgeWilliam Ewart GladstoneBenjamin Disraeli

Question 4: The Russians, as fellow Orthodox ________, could appeal to the Bulgarians in a way that the Austrians could not.
South SlavsSlavic peoplesSerbsSlavic languages

Question 5: The conference was attended by delegates from Russia, Britain, France, ________, Germany and Italy and was supposed to bring a peaceful and lasting settlement of the Bulgarian Question.
Ottoman EmpireGerman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 6: The campaign was supported by a number of European intellectuals and public figures, such as ________, Oscar Wilde, Victor Hugo and Giuseppe Garibaldi.
Charles Darwin's educationCharles Darwin's religious viewsEvolutionCharles Darwin

Question 7: Much of the Bulgarian territories were returned to the Empire (part of ________ and Macedonia), while others were given to Serbia and Romania.
ThraceGreeceThraciansRoman Empire

Question 8: A Principality of Bulgaria was created, between the Danube and the ________ range, with its seat at the old Bulgarian capital of Veliko Turnovo, and including Sofia.
AytosVeliko TarnovoBalkan MountainsVarna

Question 9: The Russians and Romanians were able to inflict a decisive defeat on the Ottomans at the ________ and at the Pleven, and, by January 1878 they had occupied much of Bulgaria.
Siege of PlevenBattle of Shipka PassBattle of Kızıl TepeBattle of Tashkessen

Question 10: When some Bulgarians threatened to abandon the Orthodox Church altogether and form a Bulgarian ________ church loyal to Rome, the Russians intervened with the Sultan.
Latin RiteRoman Catholic theologyEastern Catholic ChurchesCatholic Church


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