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National accounts: Quiz


Question 1: The first efforts to develop such measures were undertaken in the late 1920s and 1930s, notably by ________ and Simon Kuznets.
Arthur Lewis (economist)John Maynard KeynesWilliam BeveridgeColin Clark

Question 2: This was made more pressing by the ________ and as a basis for Keynesian macroeconomic stabilisation policy and wartime economic planning.
United StatesGreat DepressionRepublican Party (United States)Federal Reserve System

Question 3: ________
Value addedIntermediate consumptionGross domestic productUnited Nations System of National Accounts

Question 4: For example, in the United States the ________ (NIPA) provide estimates for the money value of income and output respectively per year or quarter, including GDP.
National Income and Product AccountsNational accountsAggregation problemMacroeconomics

Question 5: International rules for national accounting are defined by the ________, which is currently under update.
Intermediate consumptionGross domestic productUnited Nations System of National AccountsValue added

Question 6: The accounts are derived from a wide variety of ________ source data including surveys, administrative and census data, and regulatory data, which are integrated and harmonised in the conceptual framework.
ProbabilityRegression analysisMathematical statisticsStatistics

Question 7: Another application is the national ________ as to assets on one side, including the capital stock, and liabilities and wealth on the other, measured as of the end of the accounting period.
Liability (financial accounting)Balance sheetEquity (finance)Accountancy

Question 8: From (2008) ________, 2nd Edition:
Milton FriedmanThe New Palgrave Dictionary of EconomicsHistory of economic thoughtMathematical economics

Question 9: These include detailed underlying measures that rely on ________.
Double-entry bookkeeping systemAssetBalance sheetAccountancy


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