National Youth Theatre: Quiz

Question 1: At the time, it was unusual for young actors to be performing ________ and this innovative venture attracted the attention of a curious public.
William ShakespeareShakespeare's lifeHamletShakespeare authorship question

Question 2: The National Youth Theatre is a registered charity in London, ________, committed to creative, personal and social development of young people through the medium of creative arts.
ScotlandEnglandGreat BritainUnited Kingdom

Question 3: These include ________ & Sound, Stage Management, Costume and Scenery & Props.
Incandescent light bulbLightingLight-emitting diodeFluorescent lamp

Question 4: Amongst the first audiences were Richard Burton and ________ and being so taken by the achievement, Ralph Richardson immediately agreed to become the company's first President.
Ralph RichardsonAlec GuinnessJohn GielgudLaurence Olivier

Question 5: Thanks to this aim, it is a member of ________ (NCVYS)[2].
UK Youth ParliamentThe Woodcraft FolkNational Council for Voluntary Youth ServicesEngland

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