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National Wrestling Alliance: Quiz


Question 1: Another territory that was once considered a main territory of the NWA was promoter and two-time NWA President ________’s St.
Lou TheszNational Wrestling AllianceHarley RaceSam Muchnick

Question 2: In 1994, ________-based Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) withdrew their membership from the NWA in somewhat surprising fashion.
PhiladelphiaHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaAllentown, PennsylvaniaPittsburgh

Question 3: ________ (PNW) was one of the main NWA territories into the 1980s, but, due to the aging of promoter Don Owen and dwindling profit, PNW closed down in 1992.
Pacific Northwest WrestlingAmerican Wrestling AssociationPacific Northwest Wrestling alumniWorld Wrestling Entertainment

Question 4:
Where is National Wrestling Alliance?
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
See below
Neusiedl am See, Austria Neusiedl am See, Austria
see List of NWA territories

Question 5:
Which of the following styles does National Wrestling Alliance follow?
Modern American
American, French, and ethnic
Boxing and Wrestling.
American Wrestling

Question 6:
When was National Wrestling Alliance established?

Question 7:
Who of the following people founded National Wrestling Alliance?

Question 8:
What entity owns National Wrestling Alliance?
Randy Miller
Jerry Brisco
National Wrestling Alliance Promoters
Radio-Classique Montru00E9al

Question 9: October 1962 saw Rogers defeat Kowalski, a match which was promoted by Doc Karl Sarpolis, the NWA member promoter in ________.
Lubbock, TexasDallasLaredo, TexasAmarillo, Texas

Question 10: Up until this point only the ________ and NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship had had national recognition.
Terry FunkRic FlairRicky SteamboatNWA World Heavyweight Championship

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