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Question 1: Hitler defeated Strasserism at the 1926 ________, and the 25 points were soon thereafter declared to be "immutable" at the party's 1926 General Meeting.
Adolf HitlerBamberg ConferenceBeer Hall PutschJoseph Goebbels

Question 2: ________, an anti-semitic blend of nationalism and socialism, was a response to Hitler's anti-socialist authoritarianism.
Neo-NazismStrasserismNazismNational Socialism

Question 3: Hitler's National Socialism was founded on a biological determinist Weltanschauung (________), in which history is seen as a racial struggle in the social Darwinian sense.
CausalityPhilosophyTruthWorld view

Question 4: The term national socialism was coined by French ________ Maurice Barrès.
MarxismAnti-intellectualismIntellectualSocial sciences

Question 5: National Socialism, sometimes called Nazism, was the ideology of the Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) led by ________.
SchutzstaffelAdolf HitlerNazi GermanyIon Antonescu

Question 6: Based on antisemitism, anti-Marxism and hyper-nationalism, it manifested itself through pan-Germanism and the quest for ________.
NazismMein KampfLebensraumNazi Germany

Question 7: It is often considered by scholars to be a form of ________.
TotalitarianismItalian FascismFascismNazism

Question 8: His rejections of pluralism, ________ and materialism was based on a combination of the anti-Semitism of the counter-revolutionary right, and the socialism, nationalism, and republicanism of the anti-liberal left, in nineteenth-century France.
Max StirnerIndividualismIndividualist anarchismClassical liberalism

Question 9: National Anarchism
National Bolshevism
National Socialism
National Syndicalism
Benito MussoliniFascismCorporatismFascism and ideology

Question 10: [9] It was a ________ movement, centered in the Führerprinzip and anchored in the idea that Germany could be saved only through racial purity.
EschatologyMessianismJewish eschatologyIslamic eschatology

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