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National Rifle Association: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the leader of National Rifle Association called?
Executive Vice President
Municipal seat
Municipal manager
District Nazim

Question 2: The NRA also lobbies for "shall issue" right-to-carry laws for ________ licenses in many states.
Gun politics in the United StatesConcealed carry in the United StatesFederal Assault Weapons BanGun laws in the United States (by state)

Question 3:
Who of the following is/was the leader of National Rifle Association?

Question 4:
Where are the headquarters of National Rifle Association?

Question 5:
When was National Rifle Association formed?

Question 6: This was evident in the 2006 Senate Elections when the NRA endorsed Rick Santorum over ________ even though they both had an "A" rating from the NRA Political Victory Fund.
Bob Casey, Jr.Arlen SpecterJohn KerryJoe Lieberman

Question 7: Although traditionally this position changed annually, for several years it was consecutively held by actor and activist ________, who was a compelling promoter of the NRA agenda.
Charlton Heston filmographyCharlton HestonBob HopeFrank Sinatra

Question 8: (See ________.)
Fifth Amendment to the United States ConstitutionFourth Amendment to the United States ConstitutionSecond Amendment to the United States ConstitutionBorder search exception

Question 9: It takes positions on non-firearm hunting issues, too, such as supporting wildlife management programs that allow hunting and opposing restrictions on devices like ________ and leg hold traps.
English longbowBow (weapon)CrossbowLongbow

Question 10: In 2005, the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and others successfully sued the Mayor of New Orleans and others to stop unconstitutional gun seizures in the wake of ________.
Hurricane WilmaHurricane RitaHurricane KatrinaHurricane Camille

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