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National Recovery Administration: Quiz


Question 1: New Dealers whose government service dated back to the ________ administration may have been influenced by their past efforts to mobilize the economy for World War I.
Woodrow WilsonThomas R. MarshallFranklin D. RooseveltGeorge B. McClellan

Question 2: economic system from becoming a ________ corporate state.
Socialist economicsLibertarian socialismSocialismPlanned economy

Question 3: [1] The NRA quickly stopped operations, but many of its labor provisions reappeared in the ________ (Wagner Act), passed later the same year.
New DealFranklin D. RooseveltNational Industrial Recovery ActNational Labor Relations Act

Question 4: At this remove in time from the early days of the New Deal, it is difficult to recapture, even in imagination, the heady enthusiasm among a goodly number of intellectuals for a government ________.
Socialist economicsSocialismPlanned economyLibertarian socialism

Question 5: The Court also held that the NIRA provisions were in excess of congressional power under the ________.
Due processDormant Commerce ClauseEqual Protection ClauseCommerce Clause

Question 6: As part of the "First New Deal," the NRA was based on the premise that the ________ was caused by market instability and that government intervention was necessary to balance the interests of farmers, business and labor.
Great DepressionRepublican Party (United States)Federal Reserve SystemUnited States

Question 7: [6] ________, who soon replaced Johnson as the head of the NRA said:
National Industrial Recovery ActNew DealDonald RichbergFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 8: The National Recovery Administration (NRA) was a New Deal agency in the ________.
CanadaPhilippinesUnited StatesAlaska

Question 9: ________ singing a promotion for the NRA
Donald O'ConnorCarroll O'ConnorJimmy DuranteJack Benny

Question 10: The first director of the NRA was ________, a retired United States Army brigadier general and a successful businessman.
Dwight D. EisenhowerHugh Samuel JohnsonFranklin D. RooseveltCharles Lindbergh


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