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Question 1: The paper is owned by ________ and is published every Monday through Saturday.
CanwestE! (Canada)Global Television NetworkAlliance Atlantis

Question 2: Today the Post has to some extent abandoned the ________ ideology that, while often controversial, gave the Post a distinct voice and loyal readership.
ConservatismPaleoconservatismNeoconservatismNational Review

Question 3: Beyond his ideological vision, Black was attempting to compete more directly with ________'s media empire led by Canada's The Globe and Mail, which perceives itself as establishment newspaper.
CTV Television NetworkTorontoThe Thomson CorporationKenneth Thomson, 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet

Question 4: However, the Post endorsed the ________ in the 2004 election when Fraser was editor.
Conservative Party of CanadaProgressive Conservative Party of CanadaReform Party of CanadaStephen Harper

Question 5: Another high-profile gossip columnist was fired for a salacious article about Canada's ________.
Governor-GeneralAustraliaJamaicaCommonwealth realm

Question 6: "CBC Watch" infuriated the CBC's supporters, and critics claimed the Post was attacking the CBC to defend the commercial interests of the private television network, ________, owned by the Asper family.
CanwestCHBC-TVE! (Canada)Global Television Network

Question 7: The Toronto edition includes additional local content not published in the edition distributed to the rest of Canada, and is printed at the ________ presses in Vaughan.
Toronto StarThe Globe and MailNational PostOttawa Citizen

Question 8: It was founded in 1998 by media magnate ________.
TorontoUnited KingdomCanadaConrad Black

Question 9: The National Post is a Canadian ________ national newspaper based in Don Mills, Ontario, a district of Toronto.
South African EnglishSouth AfricaEnglish languageAmerican English

Question 10: Pyette, a former publisher of the racy tabloid, ________, aggressively took the Post downmarket with splashy tabloid-style tone and look.
The Globe and MailToronto SunToronto StarNational Post


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