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National Party (South Africa): Quiz


Question 1: Early in 1990, the ________ was legalised, and Nelson Mandela was released after twenty-seven years of imprisonment.
Independent DemocratsDemocratic Alliance (South Africa)African National CongressInkatha Freedom Party

Question 2: ________ would only be sung on occasions relating to Britain or the Commonwealth.
National anthemLa MarseillaiseGod Save the QueenNunarput utoqqarsuanngoravit

Question 3: In 1934, Hertzog agreed to merge his National Party with the rival South African Party of ________ to form the United Party.
Pieter Willem BothaJan SmutsAlwyn SchlebuschDaniel François Malan

Question 4: The National Party won a majority of parliamentary seats in all elections during the ________ era.
Racial segregationSouth Africa under apartheidRacismJim Crow laws

Question 5: As the homelands were seen by the ________ government as embryonic independent nations, all black South Africans were registered as citizens of the homelands, not of the nation as a whole, and were expected to exercise their political rights only in the homelands.
South Africa under apartheidRacismJim Crow lawsRacial segregation

Question 6: Throughout its reign, the party's support came mainly from ________, but Anglo-Africans were courted by and increasingly voted for the National Party after 1960.
Ethnic GermansAfrikanerSouth Africa under apartheidSouth Africa

Question 7: Hertzog's trip to the ________ in 1919 was a definite (if failed) attempt to gain independence.
Paris Peace Conference, 1919United Nations DayUniversal jurisdictionUnited Nations Trusteeship Council

Question 8: In 1926, however, the Balfour Declaration was passed, affording every British dominion within the ________ equal rank and bestowing upon them their own right of direction of foreign issues.
British EmpireBarbadosNauruInformal Empire

Question 9: Opposition to South African participation in ________ was used by the Purified National Party to stir up anti-British imperialist feelings amongst Afrikaners.
Soviet occupationsWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 10: The other three provinces – ________, the Orange Free State, and Natal – had never allowed any black representation.
South AfricaTransvaalSouth African RepublicNatalia Republic

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