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Question 1: However, the Fascists immediately collapsed and the party was officially banned by ________'s government on July 27.
Benito MussoliniAmintore FanfaniPietro BadoglioAlcide De Gasperi

Question 2: In 1938, Mussolini (himself also forced by Nazi officials) pressured the PNF to implement ________ racial policies to maintain good relations with Germany to which they reluctantly agreed.
JewsRacial antisemitismAntisemitismThe Holocaust

Question 3: The ________ adorned public buildings, Fascist mottos and symbols were displayed on art, and a personality cult was created around Mussolini as the nation's saviour and was called "Il Duce", "The Leader".
Ancient RomeUnited StatesFascist symbolismFasces

Question 4: Although Hitler's ________ was largely similar and to a significant degree based on that of the PNF, the two ideologies in both countries had differences.
Adolf HitlerNazi PartySchutzstaffelNazism

Question 5: In power, the party attempted to form an economic policy that was a "third way" between capitalism and socialism, this was called ________.
CorporatismFascism and ideologyFascismBenito Mussolini

Question 6: It is currently the only party whose reformation is explicitly banned by the ________: "it shall be forbidden to reorganize, under any form whatever, the dissolved fascist party" ("Transitory and Final Provisions", Disposition XII).
Constitution of AustriaConstitution of the Republic of PolandConstitution of ItalySwiss Federal Constitution

Question 7: The National Fascist Party (Partito Nazionale Fascista; PNF) was an Italian party, created by ________ as the political expression of fascism (previously represented by groups known as Fasci; see also Italian fascism).
Adolf HitlerAxis powersItalian Social RepublicBenito Mussolini

Question 8: The war with Ethiopia succeeded in 1936, but left Italy isolated with only one other country supporting Italy, Germany under the Nazi regime of ________.
Nazi GermanyNazi PartySchutzstaffelAdolf Hitler

Question 9: The party ruled Italy from 1922 to 1943 under an ________, totalitarian system.

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